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07 May 2011 @ 01:51 pm

I have a NEW BLOG!

So from now on I will be posting there, instead of here. I will only keep my lj open so that I can post to communities.

Please follow my new blog! 
23 November 2010 @ 08:58 pm
 Because...I kinda want to get into MANBA!
Yes, I know, Its a dead style in Japan. Most people don't take the fashion seriously. In fact I didn't either, and still kinda don't. But I really wanna try it.

No, I'm just kidding. I do still really hate the whole yamanba / mountain hag look. Its fuckin scary. 

The style manba I'm into is much more toned down. But still pretty wild and sexy!

I really like the tans, big and long hair, white make up.
09 October 2010 @ 11:26 pm
There are so many weddings this month! I went to Sara and J.T. Tiptin's wedding last Friday and it was the coolest wedding I have ever been to! I was supposed to go to a wedding today with peachsodapixie but needed to stay home. ): I'm sad that I missed an opportunity to hang out with my girl, dress up, be around fancy people, and eat free food!! DDD:

Well, had a free moment and decided to shop around on online sites that I will never be able to afford! Annnddd....I found THE. MOST. GAUDY. AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL. DRESSES!

04 October 2010 @ 10:36 pm
I just remember I have an appointment to get my hair colored Wednesday, but I don't know what I want to do! D:

I was SO SAD when I read on Mitsu's blog that vertical two tone is out!

I really don't like the horizontal trend. It looks like really bad roots to me. -_-;;;

But I don't really care that vertical two tone is old news. Even if its old over there, its still pretty new where I'm at!
hmm, what should I do with my hair?Collapse )

I have a some more posts planned, but will have to go to Rin's house first to edit photos. I have SO MUCH to update! -_-;;;
28 July 2010 @ 11:07 am
Gotta say real quick, I love the new lj header! I hope it stays this one for a while, I LOVE peacocks.

AND I found my camera! So I will be updating about some old stuff lol. And updating relatively faster and more often. Relatively because my computer still does not read my cameras SD card.
21 July 2010 @ 02:00 am
*Oh livejournal, I have missed you. Why did I neglect you so?*

So guys, I am still alive. I think it is time for an update, eh?


but why?Collapse )))

Good Nighty guys~
So I got two fortunes in my cookie. Lucky me, right? I THINK NOT.

The first one says:
" A small lucky package is on its way to you soon."

The second:
" Now is the time to call loved ones at a distance. Share your news."



I hope...
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11 January 2010 @ 10:27 pm
So after being on and off, and on, and then off again, we did actually have that Christmas party! Most of the people who were invited were not able to make it. MORE FOOD FOR US.

We had to run to target for food. Klara wore these. Apple Bottom Boots. Aren't they fabulous?

Pretzel Triplets!

So I will start off with the most important part, the FOOD.
the menu...Collapse )
09 January 2010 @ 01:24 pm
Started my day yesterday around 12:30 pm, having only gone to bed around 8:30 am since Rin and I were working hard on the party and hardcandy house. Unfortunately, the 'Holiday Party' is being put off because most people could not make it. But we are still having a little birthday get together for Nicole.

Thursday was my sister Tara's 30th birthday.  Poor thing, she must have had the worst day ever. She and her husband Brian did not go out because he wanted to watch the Alabama game, and her plans fell through to go out with her friends because of the weather
But thats ok! Because Brian threw her a surprise birthday party at his sister Angie's place.
the rest of my day...Collapse )

05 January 2010 @ 01:41 pm
So I finished Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box last night. It was so cute!  The ending was so sweet and sad. I admit, I did get a bit teary eyed. 

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